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Couples Counseling

The ebb and flow of being a couple. Nothing can remain the same, and having knowledge of the needs of your partner and of your own needs are imperative for the continued growth of your happiness with each other. With each stage of our life, comes new excitements and new disappointments.

  • Do you ever find yourself feeling alone with the person you call your spouse/partner/significant other?
  • Are there things you would like to address with your partner, but don’t know the words?
  • Do you ever feel ‘stuck’ in your marriage and need guidance to become unstuck and find the happiness you once experienced with each other?

Couples counseling is most successful when each partner is willing to listen to each other and be invested in each other’s happiness. It is a joint effort to make the partnership a loving, respectful, nurturing relationship. We assist couples in improving their relationships, including past relationships and issues, and addressing sexual feelings and intimacy issues to strengthen the bond between partners.

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Lori A. Rockwood