Our vision for our clients at Freedom Reins Counseling is to help the whole person. We want the children to be successful at school, home, and with peers. We want adults to live happy, well balanced lives so they may be successful in all their relationships and roles.

We accept most insurance.

Featured Programs

Parenting Group:

We teach parents the difference between discipline and punishment. We provide them positive tools to use to limit the conflict between them and their children. We encourage and provide parents ways in which to define their role as the parent, and yet foster a loving relationship with their children.

Children Social Skill Group:

We work with children ages 6-11 to develop social skills within a safe, learning environment. We have designed activities that promote social awareness.

Teen Girls Group:

self-esteem issues, peer pressure, identity issues, relationships, self-worth, social media, and other issues teen girls face on a daily basis.

Anger Management Group:

8 – 10 week course. Certificates are provided if needed for court ordered Anger Management classes.